Clear Communication

At Fifty Shades of Wray we work closely with our customers to ensure that their imagination can finally be brought to life, in miniature form. This is possible due to the combined efforts and experience of our team.

Bespoke Parts

Using our experience in resin casting we are able to offer our own range of bases and one off parts for our customers. This allows us to more accurately depict your imagination with our models.

Progress Reports

Each stage of any project is broken down into milestones. Each time a milestone is reached we share the progress with our customers so they can be sure the project looks the way they imagined it would.

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist - Albert Einstein

Grey Knight Inquisitor

Painted to our T2 standard and conversion work. As usual extras were then added to raise the standard.

Grey Knight Inquisitor Showcase

Raptors Sternguard

One of our most recent projects, these Sternguard are painted to our T2 standard with a lot of extras added.

Raptors Showcase

Grey Knight Terminators

Painted to our T2 standard lots of extras were added at the end to bring these models to a very high tabletop standard.

Grey Knight Terminator Showcase